The International Conference on Physics Education ICPE will be held at the “Dr. César Carman” Hotel, Córdoba, Argentina, on August 18th to 22th, 2014.

The Conference on Physics Education is an international event held every year, under the auspices of Commission C14 of IUPAP. The main objective is the exchange of scientific information and views among the members of the international scientific community in the general field of Physics Education. Following its tradition, ICPE 2014 will consist of invited talks on relevant Physics Education topics, given by prominent representatives of the field, as well as oral and poster contributions in the different areas.

ICPE 2014 is the first conference of the series that takes place in South America. The Conference will be hosted by the Department of Physics of the University of Cordoba (one of the oldest of the American continent) and the Institute of Physics “Enrique Gaviola” (CONICET, Argentina), which together constitute an important physics research center in this region of Argentina.

The city of Cordoba, with its stylish Spanish colonial architecture, is a cultural and touristic metropolis. Some attraction, such us The Jesuit Block, in downtown Cordoba, and the “Estancias”, part Jesuitic “reductions”, were built by catholic missionaries shortly after Spanish discovery. They were recognized as World Heritage Sites in 2000. Argentina offers an extensive list of pre and post conference tour options, including Ushuaia and Patagonia in the South, the Andes region to the West, tropical rainforest and wildlife in the spectacular Iguazú falls in the Northeast. The Province of Cordoba is well known as a year-around vacation region for relaxing tourism in its extended hills region, which include mountain trekking and fishing in its artificial lakes and creeks.

The logistical organization of the event is conducted by Marcela Clemente Congress, while the managing of receptive services is in charge of its division Travel & Tourism (EVT 15174) as the official agency.

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